Advocates for the outdoors.

The Caldwell Pathways mission is to bring safe and accessible greenways, blueways, and multi-use pathways to Caldwell County and surrounding areas through grants and funding programs.

Benefits We Bring to the Community

More Recreational
More Educational
Improved Health
Higher Real
Estate Values
Enhancing Local
Increased Safety for
Pedestrians & Children
More Tourist
Reduced Crime

Visit Our Trails, Walking Parks, and Greenways

  • Baird Park
  • Barton & Estoy Hayes Educational Trail **
  • Buffalo Cove Community Park
  • Carl & Ruth Green Walking Park
  • College Trail **
  • Davenport School Park
  • Dudley Shoals Elementary School Trail
  • Gamewell Middle School Walking Park
  • G.F. Shuford Recreational Trail
  • Hard & Flossie Clark Family Park
  • Hibriten High School Track
  • Hickman Interpretive Trail **
  • Hudson Elementary & Middle School Trails **
  • J.E. Broyhill Park
  • Lakeside Park
  • Lenoir Aquatic & Fitness Center Trails
  • Lenoir Greenway, Multiple Tracks
  • Lenoir Mall Indoor Track
  • Leslie J. Hagarman Walking Park ***
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center
  • Oak Hill Community Park
  • Redwood Park Lighted Trail **
  • Sawmills Elementary School Trail
  • T.H. Broyhill Walking Park
  • Town of Gamewell Park Trail
  • Tuttle Education State Forest Trails (3)
  • Valmead Elementary School Track
  • Veterans Park
  • West Lenoir Elementary School Track
  • Yadkin Valley Trail ***

Humble Beginnings

In the summer of 2000, Caldwell County Commissioners Ron Beane, Alden Starnes, and Larry Taylor called for a public meeting of citizens interested in bikeways, pathways, and multipurpose trails. This citizen's group met periodically over a six-month period and recommended to the County Commissioners that a more formal and organized group be established to represent the entire county and all municipalities.

On February 5, 2001, the County Commissioners appointed a 21-member committee called Caldwell County Pathways. After developing their vision and mission, the committee established three sub-committees to address (1) wellness and safety issues, (2) recreational issues, and (3) non-motorized transportation issues.

On November 27, 2002, the Caldwell County Pathways Committee developed its own Articles of Incorporation and Bylaways, and on May 29, 2003, became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.